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There are many recordings of Temiar Music but not much is available for sale. Temiar music can be heard on some Malaysian Radio stations.





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Temiar Music

Marina Roseman has spent many years with the Temiar and has produced a wonderful CD (Dream Songs and Healing Sounds: In the Rainforests of Malaysia, Smithsonian/Folkways SF CD 40417, 1995) that is available to buy online at: Amazon

Temiar Books

Marina Roseman - Gordon Means- Sue Jennings

Dr Sue Jennings

Dr Sue Jennings spent 2 years living with her children in the Malaysian Rainforest has written a book called 'Theatre, Ritual and Transformation: The Senoi Temiars ' Buy it at: Amazon

Marina Roseman

Marina Roseman has written prolifically about the Temiars. You can buy her books online, profits helps fund research and publications, as well as royalty returns to Temiar and Orang Asli concerns. Buy them at:Roseman 1 and Roseman 2

Gordon Means

Gordon Means has edited a Temiar dictionary, to find out more and how to buy a copy please click here