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Peace In Mindanao

Give peace a chance to Mindanao. The great new album from Lahing Kayumanggi





You can help bring peace. Buy a copy of this CD. You will be helping thousands of war torn children.

Mindanao is a beautiful place in the Phillipines that has been ravaged by war and fighting. The victims as usual are innocent children and the local people. The idea for this CD started when shoulder to shoulder the Philipine and the USA governments colluded to crush a suspected Al Quida terrorist cell in South East Asia, based in Mindanao, Phillipines. The cell is called Abu Sayyaf (Swords of the Lord). For six months of militarisation they did not catch one member of Abu Sayyaf, but it is common knowledge in the Phillipines who and where they are. Sources in Mindanao state that the two governments instead killed ordinary people in the area instead and blamed Abu Sayyaf for the murders.

The Phillipine government declared a no-mans land in certain places of Mindanao which meant that many farmers have been dislocated from their land, destroying their livelihood. The evacuation centres hold thousands of people including many children. To this date there has not been any support from the Government for these evacuation centres. Many children have now known only war in the area and have lost family members. They also have suffered much trauma and psychological imbalace

These war torn children cannot play, go to school, or go outside because they are afraid

All the band members of Lahing Kayumanggi come from Mindanao and feel great attachments for the people there. They made this CD free of charge so that all the profits could go towards the children of Mindanao - who are known as 'the children of war'. Profits go towards food, medicine and clothing for the children. This money is chanelled through NGO's and people organisations in Mindanao that are monitoring the situation.

The band Lahing Kayumanggi also provide free benefit concerts all over Japan and South East Asia. They would like to visit Europe with their music but have not yet found a sponsor

Lahing Kayumanggi use a mixture of modern electronic instruments and traditional ethnic Phillipine instruments.

Follow this link to see photos of the band practising